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(jetbrains.git) Javacord on GitHub refs/heads/development 8fb3481501631a3aa5ed69b448cbcf6752dbd857 none
(jetbrains.git) Server Settings on GitHub refs/heads/master 5406b50d53f0e67a3e67edd83b8683788bd341de none


Merge pull request #628  from Bastian/control-user-waiting

Control user waiting
[email protected] 0 files  8fb348150163 28 Sep 20 18:25
Add method to set if Javacord should wait for all users to be cached [email protected] 8 files  f15f583a0428 28 Sep 20 17:23
Add methods to check if all users or members are cached [email protected] 3 files  2eeff950ceba 27 Sep 20 20:02
Merge pull request #621  from Bastian/disable-warning

Fix wrong warning about uncached members
[email protected] 0 files  954ac2af887a 27 Sep 20 19:34
Fix wrong warning about uncached members

It's completely unproblematic, as long as it happened directly after
[email protected] 1 file  03b0f87e60da 26 Sep 20 20:05
Merge pull request #627  from Bastian/remove-disconnect-on-unanswered-heartbeat

Remove disconnect on unanswered heartbeat ack
[email protected] 0 files  4b2906a117d5 27 Sep 20 18:59
Remove disconnect on unanswered heartbeat ack [email protected] 1 file  a6a2f4d905f1 27 Sep 20 18:45
Merge pull request #626  from Bastian/disable-startup-wait-for-members

Disable waiting for users with GUILD_PRESENCES intent set
[email protected] 0 files  f3f10634feef 27 Sep 20 18:51
Disable waiting for users with GUILD_PRESENCES intent set

Without this intent, we have to request guild members from all servers.
Because of the 120/min send limit of the websocket, we cannot request
all members immediately and have to wait for all users up to 8 minutes,
if they are from a large bot/shards with ~1000 servers.
[email protected] 2 files  4c1686f66fe9 27 Sep 20 18:39
Merge pull request #625  from Bastian/fix-typing-start-handler

Fix TypingStartHandler for private messages
[email protected] 0 files  8e35d391dcf7 27 Sep 20 14:57
Fix TypingStartHandler for private messages [email protected] 1 file  abc9e5de445e 27 Sep 20 13:27
Merge pull request #624  from Bastian/fast-get-mutual-servers

Improve performance of User#getMutualServers()
[email protected] 0 files  83188d803382 27 Sep 20 13:26
Improve performance of User#getMutualServers() [email protected] 3 files  2fe84e46318a 27 Sep 20 12:08
Merge pull request #623  from Bastian/fix-performance-bottleneck

Fix performance bottleneck on login
[email protected] 0 files  5d4035e2cc48 27 Sep 20 11:36
Fix performance bottleneck on login [email protected] 1 file  2f61bc969785 27 Sep 20 11:24
Merge pull request #622  from Bastian/fix-is-member

Fix Server#isMember(User)
[email protected] 0 files  d7625c6ce590 27 Sep 20 09:14
Fix Server#isMember(User) [email protected] 1 file  0600d5db79f6 27 Sep 20 08:53
Merge pull request #617  from Bastian/member

Add member and allow disabling of user cache
[email protected] 0 files  cc35c935e327 26 Sep 20 18:34
Fix performance bottlenecks

Did I every say how awesome JProfile is?
The addMember() method was super slow, because it used getMembers()
instead of the way faster getRealMembers() method.
[email protected] 3 files  5160329215ea 26 Sep 20 17:27
Remove batching when requesting guild members

With intents, you can no longer request guild members in batches.
[email protected] 1 file  b51ff5d8648e 26 Sep 20 13:29
Add member and allow disabling of user cache

Yes, I know that this commit is
- Ugly
- Way to large

However, because we have a very hard deadline to get this finished, I
had to compromise a bit in quality. But I will clean up this mess
afterwards. I promise!
[email protected] 79 files  293bba53ab9f 20 Sep 20 11:58
Merge pull request #532  from KILLEliteMaste/development

Support for intents
[email protected] 0 files  eb8ea4932450 20 Sep 20 16:41
Semi support for intents

This is a WIP feature because it does not fully support intents.

Things which are affected of not receiving events like some caches need to be taken care of in a future fully supported intents version.

Current issues with this implementation:
- When not providing the GUILDS or GUILD_PRESENCES intent some events and other GUILD intents do not work anymore. There's also a long startup time
[email protected] 8 files  6f35e5e0779f 25 Apr 20 21:53
[Gradle Release Plugin] - new version commit: 'v3.0.8-SNAPSHOT'. [email protected] 1 file  d6f809aeb1b7 20 Sep 20 14:55
[Gradle Release Plugin] - pre tag commit: 'v3.0.7'. [email protected] 3 files  eea300ba053a 20 Sep 20 14:55
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